Michael consults with All Our Business Ltd (AOB) and is part of the team as a non-practising solicitor, but is also the principal of his own independent practice.

Michael qualified, then practised, as a barrister, specialising in Intellectual Property and commercial cases. After a stint at “magic circle” City law firm Herbert Smith, researching and writing about the then new Intellectual Property legislation, Michael went into the entertainment industry, initially with Thames Television, then with top music firm Clintons, where he requalified as a solicitor. Michael has been label Director of Legal & Business Affairs at two major record companies, BMG (now Sony) and EMI (now Warners), overseeing all contractual matters, renegotiations with major artists and all legal matters concerning the labels.

Since returning to private practice in 1997, Michael has acted for a wide variety of music, entertainment and commercial clients, including the band Blue, Sony, Syco (Simon Cowell), 19 (Simon Fuller), BMG Music Publishing, Rhythm King, Lizard King (Killers), Strange Music (Rory Gallagher catalogue) and the talent on ITV’s “Britain’s Got Talent”. He has also handled numerous company sale-and-purchases, due diligence, merchandising, sponsorship, endorsement, rights management and other deals and has advised several other entertainment lawyers on Intellectual Property, contractual and other legal issues. More specifically, Michael has worked as a mediator and advised in numerous disputes. He has lectured on law and the music industry at London’s City University and for Hawkesmere Conferences, as well as having run and presented business affairs workshops for Sony, covering the negotiation and renegotiation of artist deals.

Michael was also previously a director and legal advisor for Unsigned Band Review/Emerging Icons, a joint-venture with Universal Music Group.