AOB-produced Musical Drama “I Dream” is Showcased in Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S.A.

In February 2021 – Black History Month in the USA – I Dream, the musical drama based on the life of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, featured as part of Charlottesville Opera’s program of “Interludes”, including conversations with the show’s principal performers and the writer-composer. AOB director, Dej Mahoney, is credited as producer, being a principal of Musical Dramatic Arts Inc, the rights-owning entity which has developed the piece with Opera Carolina

The show is to be staged in full next season at the Paramount Theatre and this production has been specially requested due to the fatal, racial clashes in the city in 2017, when that crisis and the controversial commentary of then-President Trump reportedly had a catalytic effect in President Joe Biden’s decision to run for office.